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Tarvand Premium Saffron Tea

Tarvand Premium Saffron Tea

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Fine quality aromatic tea
From the mystic lands of Persia, we present to you a delicacy that is royal in nature and offers umpteen health benefits as well. Tarvand Premium Saffron tea is made with the world‰۪s finest Saffron threads produced in Iran (Formerly Persia).

Although, it is easy to find Saffron tea recipes online, it is extremely difficult to get it right. To prevent wastage of such precious ingredient, Eastern Foods offers you a Premium Saffron tea with a touch of our unique recipe.

Saffron offers a host of health benefits with naturally rich taste and charming aroma that are imparted to the brewed tea. Buy one of the most expensive spices on the market transformed into a pack of premium tea at compatible prices. Serve Premium Saffron Tea, serve goodness!