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About Us

Cuisines offer a true cultural experience. The very aroma, style and garnish, right to
the very aftertaste and courses that follow, food can leave a lasting impression on the
mind. It forms an emotional connect and every time a certain unique cuisine is
mentioned, the memories just gush in like a flood, taking us back to the time we might
have tasted it for the first time or the moment that was made special by the cuisine or
an experience that impacted the way we responded towards the same. It can go on.
Eastern Foods attempts to construct that bond by bringing together an array of dried
fruits, juices, dried herbs and herb mixes, teas and spices that can recreate the very
essence of the popular eastern cuisines of the world. Ranging from vitamin C -rich
barberries and barberry juice, covering everything from the Persian “chai” flavored
with cardamom and saffron blends, to aromatic Ghromeh, dill and parsley, we have it
all covered, just so you can enjoy the pleasures of the east in your own kitchen and on
the dining table.
At Eastern Foods, you have the opportunity to explore new flavors and tastes which
are hard to find at a local supermarket. You can easily browse through our product
selections from your comfort zone and place an order for everything that you wish to
try. Ideal for tea lovers, foodies and those who love to cook, our online store is the
perfect place for you to start shopping. What’s more? With our adherence to the best
quality standards, you can be assured of the authenticity of every product in every
purchase that you make. In fact, our saffron is sourced from our own farm to reach
your table in all its flavorful richness that has been handgrown with love.