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Tarvand Saffron, founded in 1962, with a central office and private farmlands in Qayen, a head office in Tehran and several offices in Torbat and other saffron cultivating cities in part of Khorasan-Iran, is one of the largest Saffron producers in the world with a production capacity of 14 tons a year.  More than the total saffron produced in Spain, Greece and India.

With a close cooperation with the agricultural ministry and a highly acclaimed R & D, Tarvand is able to aid farmers in cultivating and drying the highest quality saffron.

Tarvand has a fully equipped laboratory in Qayen for managing all the necessary analysis base on ISO 3632 standards.  And the Tarvand Saffron is lab tested for the highest saffron characteristics.

Tarvand is managed by a team of highly educated professionals from top agricultural universities and the Saffron is managed completely in-house, from cultivation to packaging.

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