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Herbs are the soul of every dish. No matter how exquisite and unique the dish is; it is incomplete without the right combination of herbs. Apart from adding distinct aroma to the food, they are also good for health in several ways. Our exotic collection of herbs is prepared with original organic products and are quality checked to ensure the highest level of purity and satisfaction. Customers and top restaurant chefs are using our Dried Ghormeh Mix for the preparation of exotic dish called Ghormeh Sabzi and have found it at par with the tradition Mix Ghormeh Mix prepared using fresh greens by Persian method. It is prepared from ingredients including dried parsley, chives, fenugreek, spinach. Our range includes other herbs including Dried Dill, Dried Spearmint, Dried Aash Mix (Parsley, Chives, spinach) and Dried Parsley. We source all the herbs organically and are the best in class. Buy now to savor distinct flavor and taste in your food.
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