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Packed with the divinity of nature, Eastern-Foods believes in offering its customers an array of salubrious products that are produced with all-natural processes. Our most sought after offerings, such as Saffron and Barberry, burst with health and are tested for aroma, color, taste and purity before they hit the market.

One of the prime products from our collection is Mixed Ghormeh Mix - a special mix of parsley, cheese, fenugreek and spinach with a mild and delicate flavor to enhance mouthwatering delicacies. It has a special role to play in the renowned Persian dish - Ghormeh Sabzi - to bring the true flavors of Persia in even the States.

The true quality of our line of products is reflected by the fact that they all are free of any additives, preservatives or dyes and that helps them sustain the cardinal flavor that is fundamental to the taste. When the purity is maintained at the highest level, the health factor comes in naturally and that is a trademark of all our products. With these and many more such special characteristics, it is tough to say to no to genuine products that are a perfect blend of taste and health.